martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

Harley by Nema

So yeah I decided to color another drawing by Nema for this week since he has been posting some pretty bad ass stuff lately.
I am working on another piece of his which is a little more ambitious than this =D
This one was fun to color simple quick but still good looking (because of the lines)
I originally had the bg fading from red to black but I am glad I changed it to what it is now.
I was tempted to ad a texture to it (no not the gritty one ;) ) but decided to ditch it and go with a simple clean bg.

Thats all for today

5 comentarios:

  1. HEEEY, man!!
    wow! I love that one! really amazing colors!
    And I'm glad you make the bg blue! hehe

    Keep it real!

  2. Waa.. One of the best characters on batman saga!!

    and the colors are great!!

  3. It came out great!! I like when you keep the lines on the colors better than when you paint over the lines. Amazing, dude!!

  4. nicenice! I totally have to agree with electrocereal ^^

  5. i think its awesome biash, the color is great :)