viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009


How's it going, folks? ElectroCereal here!
I've just got back from a kind of renaissance fair near my house! (it's not like an american renaissance fair, it's more like lots of tents with handmade stuff and good food!!). As some of you may know, i believe in things like tarot, magic, the occult, runes, divination and all that sort of stuff, and since it's been a lot of time since i last had my future read on the cards i went to the fortune-teller to do so. Well, the more i get into this, the more i believe!! She nailed EVERYTHING!! wow.
Enough with my personal stuff xD let's get working! This week i'll upload a personal project for my illustration class. Everyone in class had to tell his/her bio the way he wanted, so i decided to tell about me through the Major Arcana cards and their meanings. Here we go people!

Here's the back of every card. Nothing very difficult, a simple design with lame artnouveauish corners and my sign on the center.

Here's the first Arcane, the Magician/the Mage/the Mountebank/the Juggler. This Arcane represents the power of will and wisdom, the active and creative power within anyone. Also, the posibility of handling problems and situations with wisdom and skill and make a good decision. So, here i am with all my might and power! ROFL
The High Priestess represents the passive power of anyone, the capacity of reason and to retain our creative impulses in order to model and improve our creations. It's the intuition and the occult. And so is vicky (our little cookie) to me! The one who retains me from going nuts and do all sorts of crazy shit (tho she's even crazier than me xD)
This card represents the power of matter put to disposition of man for his creations. So, i thought my mother would fit here perfectly, as she is who usually lends me the money to get my stuff done (not only the creative stuff, sometimes even food and everything! xD)
The Emperor is the card that represents the one who judges actions and gives some useful advices.He's the one who lends the material energies needed to get the creative thoughts to reality. That would fit my father, he usually just judges my actions and works, even sometimes he tries to give me some advice (he's not a talking one neither loving or emotional xD we don't get along very well usually xD). In spite of that, he usually helps me with big handmade projects or gets me the contacts or resources i need to get my stuff done ;).

And nooooow, it's LOL time!! you know this guy! right! he's our crazy leader, KidChaos himself!! Since Pedro has been my art teacher for the last two years, and since i met him i've improved a lot (but still got to improve ten times more!!), it was clear he had to be on this card. The Hierophant card represents the one who receives divine inspiration and judges and teaches with absolute equity.(Though his equity and teaching style is very hard and kinda frustrating!!! xD) (

I'll cut here for today. 22 cards are too much cards to show in one day xD next week, 5 more!! Stay tuned! And hope you dig them, they're a very personal part of mine and my life!

-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

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  2. ay! no puedo creer que hayas hecho todo el tarot awww, te quedo muy muy bonito! enseguida supe cual eras tu ajajaja XD luego supose q cookie era la que seguia y el de pedro ese si no lo vi venir (aunqe era bastante logico XD)

    :D ya quiero ver las demas!



  4. Lo fuerte es que se parece a Pablo Motos y todo xD

    Que movida, tio, no me imaginaba que te gustaba tanto el ocultismo y el esoterismo (a mi me mola, pero no tanto como para pagar 10 pavos para que me hechen las cartas xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)

  5. estan bien cabrones los contrastes y composiciones wey D: molan todas:D

  6. Las cartas son la leche ^^

    Me encantan.

    La verdad es que a mi me gustaria que me leyeran la mano o las cartas... pero la unica vez que me lo hicieron fue en louisiana y la verdad no me convencio mucho xDD