jueves, 7 de mayo de 2009

The red striped fish riiises again!!

Hey fellas! Murfish is back on track!!

I wanted to show u some of my latest stuff!
The first one is just a sketch I wanted to finish, but I dont have time with all the exams coming by!! fuck the school kids!! :D

The second is an ilustration I did for a friend, he was going to publish a little story in the university magazine and he asked me to draw something cool for him. He really liked btw

Aaaaand the last thing I´ve got for you is this step by step about the "Aiming" piece, I thought u might found it interesting.

Ok fellas, this is all for today! Hope u enjoyed it and have a great- mother fucker- killer weekend!!

6 comentarios:

  1. Tio, me encantan los ositos estos de bollo rellenos de chocolate que han sacado nuevos

  2. pues mi favorito es el ultimo forever, snif, se ve muy genial awwwww ajajaja lo qe dice joaqs me dio muchisima risa XDDDDDD

  3. no joaks, vi el anuncio pero me daba mucha grima, ademas el oso es feo como él solo, estan ricos?
    Un besazo Nube!

  4. estan ricos, si. si no, no me encantarian :D

  5. oye, el vestido es asi de transparente o son guide lines?