miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

blues and pinks and invisible friends

Today, I've to an important conclusion:

Beeing an adult sucks.

That's why I'll never grow up, I think I must be small for some reason (beeing 1'44cm tall must have some reason), and It really has to be it. I've been the last year trying to be an adult, and god...I really suck at it.

This last year my inner child went away, to Disneyland or somewhere (that bitch don't want to confess) without me, and now I know this has been the key of all my problems, sure.

Keep an eye on yours, they use to run away when you get to your 19 birthday (nowadays I think it's at 14 or something...), mine stayed with me faithfully untill my 21st, but that bitch will now stay with me forever, ha!

Ok, that's not mature at all, I know, that's why I'm planning to grow up a little, just a little, enough to pay the bills, to face problems and stuff, and you kno
w? I'll be a really good mature kid.

color test

this one is a WIP, hope I don't get bored of it.

I've got some serious issues, I know :3
And my english sucks, sorry for that.

The Cookie

4 comentarios:

  1. Dont get bored! porque me encanta!!! *o*

  2. Same here cookie, I just wanna play forever, yay for Peter Pan complex. As I said you on DA, Im fascinated with the stuff you do, Im your new radical fan n__n

  3. That stuff is awesome :3 I love how you did that color test, and hope you'll finish the last one, or I'm gonna get down to your home and give you what the circus seal doesn't give you.

    You'll always be our lil' dark princess :3

  4. me gusto muchisimo la version qe colgaste en DA! :DDDD quedo superlinda, igual la de arriba, me encanto :DDD