lunes, 4 de mayo de 2009


Hey peepz!

Here is Javas presenting anotha member of KPOW, the music band. You already know Beep, so now its the time to show you one of my fav characters, Quark: This freak is able to sell comics during the day and as he says, save the city during the night. Born in Madrid and raised in Star Trek's Enterprise. He is in charge of the bass guitar (sometimes he is even able to play it).

I did this some time ago and it also appears at the megacool BF Artbook, but I´ll post some new stuff soon, I´ll promise. Have lots of things to do U_U.


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  1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  2. T__T had a problem with the last comment xD As i said, K-POW members are awesome!! The hacker, the superhero..what will be next?? xD can't wait to see it!

  3. That's yourself! I saw you jumpin thru the madrid roofs ahahaha

  4. well, you know i think he must be better if he were naked

  5. Cereal:Ill post them soon, also some more Beep stuff wich i forgot to post u.u

    Ad: XDDDDD, me? a superhero? no way! I hate heights! just thinking about it makes me feel dizzy. But Im a retro geek like this bitch, thats for sure XDD

    Cnidario: everything looks better if its naked, specially you, Herr Doctor XD

  6. Duuude! These are awesome! ^_^ I love seeing more art from this project, keep it up!

    I love this character's hair. =D

  7. Lavah: Graciasss es mi favorito forever! n_n

    Marcus: Thanks dude! gladyadig! you will see more of these!! yay for quarks hair XD

  8. es el mas bello y sexy, me encantah <3