miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009


Hi people! Long time without posting anything!
I have been so busy with schoolworks and I had not enought time to make anything cool xD.

This Time I show you Chibi geishas WIP!
Those cute girls were a Sticker project (and still are xD) , made for a Japanese convention but I didn't finished them. Now I'm Working on the color ^^

:3 See ya!

7 comentarios:

  1. Where did you pick the schemes for the kimonos? They're lovely!! O.O

  2. I love it!! the one in purple is awsome

  3. As Cereal said, the kimonos look awesome :3 so cutes XD

  4. I love your attention to the details to the kimono patterns, also LOVE the idea that you made their faces all cute and puffy and squishy, we need more squishy faced girls! Very different! Love it!

  5. awww las gorditas hermosas ajajaja quiero el kimono rojo awww!