viernes, 26 de junio de 2009

Hi ho, folks! ElectroCereal here again!
After the awesomeness of our bro Robaato, it's my turn to upload some stuff! I'll finish with the Tarot BIO today, at least!! Let's get to it, then

The Tower represents the structures that the Man creates as the image of God's ones. Since they're created by human hands, and only in the Material plane, they're ever changing, ever being destroyed. Yep, that's me and cookie falling from our flat xD (and there's our little cat too xD)

The star represents the ones who believe in you and support you through your jorney through life. For me, they are my godparents (dunno if this is right O.o godparents?), the ones who have been supporting me and cheering me up to became the best man i can since i was born :3 Love 'em!

The Moon are the dreams and chimeric hopes that one puts into the future. For me, that's becoming a professional artist, of course. (The dogs and crab stuff is from the original card, no worries)

The Sun was one of the most difficult cars to make. As i understand this card, it represents the activities that "enlight" you. The things that make you shine, cheer up and, eventually, evolve through your life's path. Don't know if that's a good interpretation or not, but here's the card anyway xD

Judgement. Easy one. As you already thought, it's about the judgement of your life's actions, it's about the right or wrong decisions you've made and the good or bad consequences that your actions have generated. Not much to say about it, that's just the two faces of myself (as light and dark in everyone's soul). Who will win the match for my soul??? xDD (notice that my "real" or trueself is the bad one xDD ROFL)

The World is evolution! period xD it's about the evolution that everyone achieve in a lifetime and how this evolution gets reflected in the next cycle. I added the Kabbalah's life tree because i love Kabbalah and it's about evolving too!

Aaaand last one!! The Fool isn't in the normal Arcanas, anyway. It represents the Man, just that. The Man who walks his path, towards his next cycle, carrying his actions and his thoughts and everything that influentiates in his life with him. (I've realized that i feel very silly trying to resume the meanings of this cards in english xDDD).

Well, that's the end of it! Now, you know a little more about me, i hope xD Hope you've all enjoyed this ride inside my soul! 'till next week, folks!!

Belvedere - Two Minutes for Looking so Good

-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

Today's a Sad One...

Yo! Rob here!

So everyone heard the news. But it's bittersweet, to the extent that he left such a big effect on all of us in some way through his music. Here's my small tribute to him.

Also did a Abbey Chase earlier this week.

Well, time to go jam on some MJ hits.


miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009


My latest:

Some kind of weird...faun...only god knows what she is lol, who cares anyway.
and some wips of piecesim working on (wich im pretty sure i posted previous (to this new,obviously) wips before)
I personally like the first one better, but that's just me :3

See you later, folks :3


lunes, 22 de junio de 2009


Hi!! Javas here presenting another KPOW member. This is River, an obsessed Australian cheese filled drummer still waiting for his Big Wednesday. The time that he does not dedicate to music is spared for the satisfaction of his world famous stomach (basically drinking and eating) and practicing surf in Madrid (how? that is another question).

You can see him in this scene with Quark at the comic store!

And this is another pic of Beep:

sábado, 20 de junio de 2009


I see someone wanstah mess with me!
Ok, last saturday I was at the beach and since I have not a laptop and it wouldn't had work in the water I didn't post a thing. But Saturday is my day! hehe

This week I've been order to draw 2 new Spectacular Spider-man (OH YEAH, BABY, Give me more!) for Marvel UK, and since i can't show anything until it's released I'm going to post some hot chick I did looooong time ago for a website (can't find it right now, but I think it was for a website)

That's it!

See ya next Saturday!(because that's my day!!!!!)



Holy Crap!! It's saturday now!! I've been very busy with all my final exams and stuff, so i'm a little out of this world right now. All went well (well, if failing 3 subjects and got MASSIVE amount of homework until september is something that goes well, actually xDD) and here i am back again with my Tarot BIO! No long speechs this week, just the pics and a short description. Let's GOGOGOGOGOGO!!

The Strenght represents the hability that has been mastered by oneself's pure will and constant efforts. Of course, that would be drawing in my case (still i haven't mastered it, i know, but hey! i'm trying!!)

The Hanged Man is that things that usually distract you and don't allow you to keep evolving in your life. xD easy one.

The Death is not about your death, neither anyone's death. It's about transformation. One cycle ends (dies) and another one starts. It's very related with The Wheel of Fortune. So there i am, "killing" my older cycles and living my actual one!

The Temperance tells about mediation. It's the one that helps resolving problems and happen between the two parts of a conflict. That would be my sister, always between my parents and me xD.

The Devil means the conquer of the evolution by strenght. Nothing spiritual nor reflexive, just the will of oneself and the strenght, kinda egoist but still valid. This was a difficult one. I drew an old friend of mine (koke) in this, because he reminds me a little of the card xD (he even has got his beer!! ROFL!)

That's all for this week, folks!! See ya next friday!
-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

OH SNAPS!! - It's Friday ALREADY?!

Well, this week flown by like a busybee. Maybe cuz I'ma busybee.

Well, since Brosa postin' up some gypsies, guess I can too. XD


miércoles, 17 de junio de 2009

Gipsy Part Of Town

So lest posting here...

Well, this is the gipsy part of town. They are a Gipsians sabotaging some military machines that are parked over the Floating Favelas city were gipsies lives. Nothing ellse to say, just enjoy it

Some Close Shots

And here you have a step by step, I hope it helps someone :)

Done in Photoshop and Corel Painter. Almost all the textures done with my hands


lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

duckz & monsterz!

Heya folks!
seems like a long time since I dont post something on here!
Been busy doing some secret project that I can't show yet, but it's gonna rock quite hard.Aaaaaaanyway, here's my updates for today! not much, but hope you enjoy :P

This is a cover for a project I've been doing for a while with Edgar 'Pato' Delgado wich is his own creation. Superpowerful ducks!!!

So moar stuff here! a sneak peak of the comic itself (I'm not allowed to show the colors on that cover .... dammit maybe I'm not even allowed to show the pencils either XD), so yeah, enjoy these panels!
Moar sneak peaks here! This is a lil' bit of a bigger image that I can't show yet, but hope you like what you see :3

And at last, a banner I did with my mate and fellow flamez Pansho, for a site called Evomon.

That's it for today!
Stay mean, and burn something :)

- DarkO -

viernes, 12 de junio de 2009

WHAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZUUUUUPPPPPP....... (Say it like the Budweiser ad!)

Rob here! With a quick and fast one!

Been busy, I'm coming out with a artbook entitled MUSTART: Art of Robert Porter Vol 1.

So I've been busy on that as of late, that's why I've been kinda AWOL. Don't really want to reveal the good stuff in it (I got a lot of it!), but it has some of my best works and new ones in it, with tons of sketchwork. Ok, here's a eensy-weensy sneaker-peaker-

Okay! Back to work! 


miércoles, 10 de junio de 2009

Etching and aquatint on copper

Hi darlings ;)! !!

Finally I can share something new! This time it's something different and more traditional than the things I use to do.

Here you are a couple of prints I made in my etching class, intaglio made by etching and aquatint techniques on copper.

This is a part of my personal work for the subject.
I showed my Wings Simplicity series to my teacher as an idea for it, and he liked it encouraging me to do a couple of plates in that style.

These are the results of it. Obviously I'm not an expert in the technique and I've only had 4 months to learn how to work in etching.

Anyway, I'm happy with the final pieces, I've worked the copper many hours and I think it came out pretty well.

I also show you the copper plates, so you can see them, since I think its interesting to see them too, and some detail of the prints.

Hope you like'em!!


that's some fugly wip.

cause im all wips...but i promess you i'll finish soon!! i'll stop the procrasination!!! vivat la resistasdf, i will...i swear...yeah...soon.



domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Star Wars Commission

Heya young Padawans. Javas, the Jedi Master, here.

This is a recent commission I did for a couple, depicted as the Jedi guy and the girl dressed like Padme at the front of the piece. This was super fun, but drawing Vader´s helmet was not, seriously.

May the Force be with you.

sábado, 6 de junio de 2009

Commission Week

Hey ho let's GO GO HO HO HO
Fire in the Hole.

It has been a pretty busy week, since I don't have any project right now, I have nothing to do, except COMMISSIONS!
So Let's approach this in chronological order:
Or not, I don't care I jsut wanted to put that one the first, because it's so AMAZING!

Batman cooking eggs! CLASSY!

This was actually a gift for a guy who helped me with all the defament stuff, yeah in case you haven't heard about it, I've been suffering some defament , lot of shit about me not sending originals for FREE, yeah, I know!

Hellboy versus Cloak and Darknees and the Darklins coming from his colak. Fun stuff!

Those are th first sketch cards I've ever draw, Actually it was pretty fun, Although I don't like drawing so small, but it's ok. At the end I drew Bizzaro more rough and rocky, but I didn't scan it, I should. SORRY!

Ok, that's a design I did for a guy, inspired in the Machintosh commercial directed by Ridley Scott, I think in 1988.

That's Outlaw Angel, nice design, she got a soul sword!

And last but not least a Zatana in the gansta times! OH YEAH!
What's a gansta without her Rolls Royce? HUH!?

That's all folks, more creppy stuff in a week!


viernes, 5 de junio de 2009


Hey everybody! It's ElectroCereal, here again for you all! Last week i didn't upload anything, lazy me, 'cause of finals and all that sort of stuff :( I'm so busy and stressed right now -__-
Enough whining!! Let's show some more of my Tarot Bio!!

The Lovers card represents the bite of desire, that incites the Man to be one with the Universal. Love is inspiring and one strong feeling that makes oneself to evolve and create. The soul gets excited and projects a spark towards the High, that connects with oneself in the physical plane. It was obvious that this card had to be myself and Vicky (a.k.a. that little koala that sticks around me).

This is gonna be fun. The Chariot!! This arcana basically means movement in everyone of the seven states (that is, every domain). Particularly, this card represents the material currents that drag the man and force him to be always in movement. Obviously, this mean that the Chariot in my life is represented by Burnin' Flamez studio and all of you, bros xD This studio and their awesome artists are what makes me go on and keep up working and improving! I got a little carried away with this idea and came up with this card. That's us all, burning the world and its barriers down! Making a new path for ourselves and the generations to come after! ;) The one with the electric powers and the flag is me. Below me, from left to right and up to down, there is KidChaos with his fire powers, Xab on the front, also with firey stuff and his SWAT jacket, Fish (who, of course, can talk with the sea animals and control the tides xD), and Murf, with water powers. Above, there is Cnidario at the left side (he can transform into any biologic being on earth xD)and Nema at the right side (didn't know what powers he would like, but he's cool enough to be there xD). There's also Juanxo, jumping with his monkey/spiderman like powers, Brosa (who secretly is son goku, we all know xD) and above him the saiyan lord Pansho! There are also our Burnin' Spaceship, who Javas drives, Foo (he's our big vampire bro), Pixeltool (who controls magic and stuff) and our lovely Burnin'puff Girls on top! Lavah, Vhea and Vicky, saving the day and beating bad guys! xDDD

The Justice represents the judgement of the activities that the man has done, for good or bad, during his trip through Matter (represented by the Chariot) and the balance or imbalance generated by his acts, and the happy or sad consequences of it. As my personal jiminy cricket, i have my good old friend: Francis. The chosing was obvious.

The Hermit is the Wisdom, basically.It's the search of truth, needed for the Justice to judge. My particular advisor, also with Francis, is Mars, so i chosed him to be the hermit in my bio. Since he's a HUGE fan of Lovecraft and all that kind of stuff, i added the tentacles and eyes in order to make everything a little creepier.

And now for the last card for today. That's the Wheel of Fortune, which represents the ongoing of one's life into new cycles, which are consequences of the previous ones. It's a cycle whose return to the start point reaches the experience adquired on its tour, wich will be translated on good or bad circunstances. Very karma like, you know. I didn't want to go on the original look of the card, with the three kinds of evolution and all that. Instead, i picked up some "iconic myselfs" of my life and put them all together to represent all that. What goes around, it comes around, you know ;)

That's all for today, folks xD sorry for the long post ;) See you next friday!!

-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

jueves, 4 de junio de 2009

Murfish is back!

and tired!! Well fellas this is James posting some stuff! I know it has been a While but I´ve been finish the school and stuff. But well now I´ve got some time so ill be doing things more often.
Lets start with some sketchs I did during the exams period:

And now this one I did after my tryp to Barcelona!

Well this is all for now! I know is not too mcuh, But i´m working is some cool stuff :)
Hope u like them fellas! take care!

miércoles, 3 de junio de 2009

black and blue


I completly forgot to update last week, oh sorry sorry sorry

I'm a bit busy with some final stuff for class and I'm not drawing much lately. Anyways, i tend to procastinate a lot and Ive been drawing some silly things between homework and homework :3

aaaaaand today i bring you some sweet blacks and bluesss, love that combination, a lot, millions of lots (¿?), want my hair black and teal right now by the way, hope i get it soon <3

i got oh so inspired by this awesome photoshoot of Raquel Reed i couldn't help it<3

a work in progress which now ive noticed it needs more intensity, dull dull.

lots of hearts and lots of oh's for you <3