sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

Saturdei fan!

Yow yow yow
Hang over again! yow yow
painkillers needed!
First draw a girly version of Wolverine, if Wolvy was a chick....

That's a tatto desing for a tatto artist living in Brooklin, I know that's styla!
The Justice!

Some desings for a mascot, who knows, maybe Burnin' Flamez will have a hot damn chick rocking all around!

A Deadpool commission, I'm not really a fan of that guy, but it was kind of fun drawing the gun xD

And now some real fun! These are pages from Spectacular Spider-man 183 I did for Marvel UK
Hope you like it, SPIDER-BOY!

What else what else.... Ah yeah! This is a design I did for a funky artist, colors by my gf Exile

Fanart of Akira, not much to say about that one, except I had some fun drawing the bike, aaaaaand that the background is more sketchy, and Kaneda is in clean lines.

And one more thing Before going back to watch "the Hills" I meeeeeeeeeeeeean Jackass! yeah yeah, ... Jackass....
A Gears of war, suposed to be a print, buuuuuuuuuut...

Ok, and That's it, I'm sure there is something else I can show you, but I can't remember it! xD


6 comentarios:

  1. Flipante el fanart de los personajes de Akira.. bueno y todo lo demás, desde las páginas de spiderman, que están tremendas, hasta el pinup de Gears of Wars, pasando por los de las pavas..
    Genial todo tio, un saludo!

  2. awesome, nemi! you're prolific for sure! :D

  3. THAT AKIRA!!!

    EXCELLENT HOMAGE! Everything else is looking just as great, bro!

  4. Gracias por el apoyo tio, tus dibujos cada vez me molan mas, y con el de akira te has sobrao, y con el del videojuego tambien, muy wapo el semi escorzo de la pistola del colega del medio. oooeeeeee

  5. this is a great blog with great artists! and Nema you're my favourite one :)