jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

Hey hey hey a little bit late, but I think everyone is sleeping now so I thnnk I'm almost on time! So here you have what I'm doing for a comic project. This is the most enjoyable part, I think, but its also the part to discuss with the writter of the story.

Ok, here you have the Charcter design, from the first and ugly steps to the final result. He wanted me to draw something for guys on 13-15 years old, so I had to adapt me, but I'm feeling good with this. Oh, the colors are not finished, this are just the flat colors to see how to paint every character

I also add the first designs of the sky favelas city were they live and an airplane design. No documentation on this, every time its easier to draw things with the stuff I have kept on my mind.

Well, hope you like it guys!


3 comentarios:

  1. MAAAxo, nose como la gente nos e toma un segundo xa comentarte esas maravillas, tio lo mejor las ciudades esas tan chulas que haces!!!!

  2. pues yo me tomo dos y te digo que vaya preciosidad de ciudades y entornos que haces, te puedes meter dentro casi, oiga :3

    y esos vehiculos, ayssssh

  3. las ciudades son una autentica pasada tio, ya lo flipe cuando me las mandaste, pero cada vez q las veo flipu mas. eres la bomb