jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

Thursday already?

Fuuuuck! The week passed by so quick!
So here u have some of the sketchs I've doing this week. Im not posting ALL of them 'cose i don't want to fill this entry with junk!

Here u have the first 2 sketch's i did.

And this are the last 2 i've done. What dou you think? Any improvement?

The hardest part in this last two was the movement and naturally, but I'm really happy with how they ended :D
For november I was thinking about drawing people from different times, u know, like early 18th century people or Romans, maybe some mayans! how knows? Can be cool to practice portrayal and clothes :D

See ya next week folks!!

miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

3 for September

Hi ho, fellas!! ElectroCereal back again with this week's stuff.
First of all....i SUCK at drawing clothes xD yeah, it's hell of a job trying to get realistic shapes for every kind of fabric and stuff. Anyway, KidChaos told me to start practicing my sequentials and narrative stuff, so that's what i'll do on November (that way, i also have to practice backgrounds, anatomy, perspective, clothes and the infinity of things i suck at xD). For now, i'll leave you with this:

A little sketch of Liz Miller (Ars Arcana's female main character ;) )

Yeah! That's our lovely Morbidcookie! A present for my gf ;)

Another concept sketch for my final proyect. The solo guitarist of the band.

And another one. This hot punk chick is the bassist! (not quite happy with this..)

martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Crayons and Sketches

Witchblade vs Punisher
Color comission for Alex Kremper
art by Randy Green!

Color comission for Alex Kremper
art by mark brooks!

some prectice sketches,on different chars. or expressions..
most from
Valkyrie movie ! loved it!
hitles and stauffenberg
i have tons of stuff to show but i need to scann it all lol

Hiya guyz!

Quick update, cuz yesterday my net was crap, couldn't have any straight conv on msn and every image attached to the mail was a total fail! dammit!

Anyway, going ahead with the "late homages" plan, here I bring today my sketchy rendition of 'Rai Rivet', created by my fellow flamez Robaato.

Also, Cheeks' character 'Kuta' , it was too bad I couldn't enter the Card Contest he made for his vinyl figures thingo. It was fun to draw Kuta, anyway!

Other than that I've been at a Con in Málaga(in the south of Spain) this weekend, with some cool guests such as Luis Royo or Colin Arthur (the guy who made the FUJUR animatronic!!) Here's a pic with some cool chicks who were signin' stuff there. Check them out! Buy their artbooks!!!

From left to right, Cris Ortega, myself, Medusa and Esther Sanz.
It looks like the party goes on today, cuz it's the Goth Week here in Madrid. Will keep ya updated :P I'm already late to the event T____T

Cheerz peepz!


domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009

Back to Middle Age!!

Hey there buddies!!
Long time no comin' around here aight?
I know...my bad. So, restarting right now!!
Here you are a dragon I sketched loooong ago, see how it turned out into a t-shirt dessign! Hope you like it folks!

btw, those three colors in the corner are the only ones I could use to paint it plus the black, cuz it's goin to be printed on t-shirts.
And before I say goodbye till the next week, a work in progress of a poster for sum rol convention, take a look at it, it'll be done soon!!

See y'all next sunday pals!!


jueves, 22 de octubre de 2009

Thursdays are mine!

Hey there folks!! How is everything? Murfish talking.
I've just moved to Miami, so this past week has been really, really chaotic, I had tome for nothing (even to draw!) and I dont have a scanner jet, Ill try to fix that ASAP.
So! Since I cant post anything new , Ill let u some sketch I did some time ago that I ganna share with u.
Are you familiar with the "journey to the west" story? Well I fucking love it! and I've always wanted to draw some of the characters.

Zhu Wuneng

Now, for u all to know, my subject for this month will be Old and Young people, I like contrast :D
See ya!


miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Ready to Fight!! Hut! Hut! Hut!!!

Yeah, folks! ElectroCereal is back into the arena!
I'm so pumped up with this new beginning of the studio...wooosh!! i'm gonna do my best!
My subject for this month will be clothes. Yeah, i know, i have several problems with almost EVERYTHING (anatomy, perspectives, backgrounds, girls, angles, and so on and on....T__T i'm a f***ing noob), but i'll take those problems one by one, get them, tackle them to the ground and smash the s**t out of 'em Ò___Ó
So! My subject will be getting used to draw realistic clothes (and not the squared hard shit i usually do..DAMN YOU, TORIYAMA!!!). But since i haven't got anything right now (i decided the subject just minutes ago xD i was gonna do a sketch-a-day to warm up and getting familiar with drawing everyday) i'll upload three chibis i got here and never uploaded and a concept sketch for my final project of my degree. Hope you like it!!

Yeah, That's me! Yours truly, ElectrochibiCereal! LOL
And that's my pajamas! Summer left, Winter right. I'm sexy like that ROFL

-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

lunes, 19 de octubre de 2009

Daily updates are BACK!

Hey flamerz!
New planning today! We're back to the daily updates. The thing we're gonna do in the blog now is to practice those weak points in our artwork. The subject will change every month (more or less)

Apart from tecnique, one of my more painful problems has always been the lack of time I've had to do deserved homages or pin ups to my buddies, aswell as collabs with 'em, so this will be my subject this month!

Today I show you my part of a collab with Jorge 'Zurdo' Molina, great guy, and even greater artist. I did Batman, he'll do Lobo ... DC antiheroes!

Second one is a sketch for a project that my buddy Will Calligan and Randy Green started together called Cherry Bomb. Go have a look! it looks dope. Hope next week it get's done!

Enjoy your week guys!

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

Back At It

Hey, all-

Rob here with the Friday post. Currently, we are gonna start posting things we need to work on. And since I'm basically out of it in the mode of drawing, I have to flex my muscles a bit.
Basically, I normally would do these before starting a project or client work, but I've been so out of it lately, that I just totally lost focus. These are 60-second drawings on each pose. Really gets me back in the habit of being flowy and whatnot, since I've slowly been gaining the eye of being perfect on the first try, which I have to stray away from.

I will have updates next week on parts of the human anatomy I know I need to work on. Until then, Rob out.

miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2009

Still missing!


What a crazy summer it has been! While our Pink Panther is still missing, too bad most of us had to take a lil hiatus. Ya know how it is guys, life sucks at some point, specially this year when everyone is fucked up and strugglin badly.

Soooooooo after some non-art-jobs, then it came the comicz again!

I've been workin in Casper (yeah, the friendly ghost XD) for the last couple months and luckyly I can show some stuff now. Not much more to say, except .... the Flamez are back! This will come up on time for Halloween.
Hope you like my Casper updated designs! Yes? No? Why does Wendy buys her clothin in Hot Topic now? Who's that lil' Devil in the right? Some guys ask for my head for raping their beloved chars! Some others got wet dreams with Wendy! Bring on your comments!

first aproachin' sketchez!

covers for issue #1 - Coloured by the badass Kieran Oats

covers for issues #2 and #3

Alternative sketch covers for issue #1 - catch 'em all!

Sadly not all of us will go ahead in the blog, but there is always casualties at war :P
I promise you that sweet Lavah and myself will keep on lookin for Javas!

That's it, Pete out