miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Ready to Fight!! Hut! Hut! Hut!!!

Yeah, folks! ElectroCereal is back into the arena!
I'm so pumped up with this new beginning of the studio...wooosh!! i'm gonna do my best!
My subject for this month will be clothes. Yeah, i know, i have several problems with almost EVERYTHING (anatomy, perspectives, backgrounds, girls, angles, and so on and on....T__T i'm a f***ing noob), but i'll take those problems one by one, get them, tackle them to the ground and smash the s**t out of 'em Ò___Ó
So! My subject will be getting used to draw realistic clothes (and not the squared hard shit i usually do..DAMN YOU, TORIYAMA!!!). But since i haven't got anything right now (i decided the subject just minutes ago xD i was gonna do a sketch-a-day to warm up and getting familiar with drawing everyday) i'll upload three chibis i got here and never uploaded and a concept sketch for my final project of my degree. Hope you like it!!

Yeah, That's me! Yours truly, ElectrochibiCereal! LOL
And that's my pajamas! Summer left, Winter right. I'm sexy like that ROFL

-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

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  1. Esos chibis se salen, ¿el que más? el del pijama largo xD tiene un aire al Doctor! Y el pazo metalero es para el proyecto?? No quiero imaginarme al resto del grupo xD