martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Hiya guyz!

Quick update, cuz yesterday my net was crap, couldn't have any straight conv on msn and every image attached to the mail was a total fail! dammit!

Anyway, going ahead with the "late homages" plan, here I bring today my sketchy rendition of 'Rai Rivet', created by my fellow flamez Robaato.

Also, Cheeks' character 'Kuta' , it was too bad I couldn't enter the Card Contest he made for his vinyl figures thingo. It was fun to draw Kuta, anyway!

Other than that I've been at a Con in Málaga(in the south of Spain) this weekend, with some cool guests such as Luis Royo or Colin Arthur (the guy who made the FUJUR animatronic!!) Here's a pic with some cool chicks who were signin' stuff there. Check them out! Buy their artbooks!!!

From left to right, Cris Ortega, myself, Medusa and Esther Sanz.
It looks like the party goes on today, cuz it's the Goth Week here in Madrid. Will keep ya updated :P I'm already late to the event T____T

Cheerz peepz!


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  1. Woot for Rai!

    Sorry about being so awol here man! I'm makin my backlog of things to post everyday! XD