miércoles, 7 de octubre de 2009

Still missing!


What a crazy summer it has been! While our Pink Panther is still missing, too bad most of us had to take a lil hiatus. Ya know how it is guys, life sucks at some point, specially this year when everyone is fucked up and strugglin badly.

Soooooooo after some non-art-jobs, then it came the comicz again!

I've been workin in Casper (yeah, the friendly ghost XD) for the last couple months and luckyly I can show some stuff now. Not much more to say, except .... the Flamez are back! This will come up on time for Halloween.
Hope you like my Casper updated designs! Yes? No? Why does Wendy buys her clothin in Hot Topic now? Who's that lil' Devil in the right? Some guys ask for my head for raping their beloved chars! Some others got wet dreams with Wendy! Bring on your comments!

first aproachin' sketchez!

covers for issue #1 - Coloured by the badass Kieran Oats

covers for issues #2 and #3

Alternative sketch covers for issue #1 - catch 'em all!

Sadly not all of us will go ahead in the blog, but there is always casualties at war :P
I promise you that sweet Lavah and myself will keep on lookin for Javas!

That's it, Pete out


2 comentarios:

  1. I love how Wendy is awesome!

    Poor Java! Take good care of him!

  2. FUCK YEAH!! Let's get back together and rock the world once again!! :D

    Seek and Destroy! xD