martes, 31 de marzo de 2009

Fantasy Concepts!

Hey there!
Xabs reporting in!
Nice day for showing some concept artz, so here we go
This is a Dragon design I did some months ago, but I'm openin' my "section" with it so you can see what kind of things I do.

And now, something more recent, since I haven't got lot of work I can show yet, I'll submit a WIP of what I'm doing on my freetime.
Just designing some kind of aquatic-human race.

Hope y'all enjoy it!



Here is BoOoM I am posting a preview of something I am working on together with SENIOR Pedro aka KIDCHAOS ;)

Lines by him
Colors by ME =)


---BoOoM out

lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009

Meet the Flamez!

Hey y'all blogger people!
Let me say that it´s a pleasure to join this growing community where so so so many and incredibly talented people share their artwo
rk and fun. Yo made me jealous guys, so here I come! But I´m not coming alone!
After 3 long years, I managed to cheat some kickass rising artists to join my army studio project. And what a bunch of them! Just check by yourselves in their respective sites and feel the amazement.
Anyway, enough emo bullshit here, check that little guy there, cause he´s our burnin' mascot, the Pandracoon! -DON'T ask about the rabbid beaver .... all at a time!! ahahahaaha-. This image is a piece of page from the artbook we are selling at cons (not yet online, sorry guyz).
Lineart and logos by me.

Guest artist Fabian 'Monk' Schlaga at colorz!

That's all for today! Hope you like it enough to
come back for moar! I´ll be here every monday, Cartoon day at Burnin' Flamez.
Stay tunned for some painty shit tomorrow!

Pedro Delgado