domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

I Play Dead

Hello people!

Pixeltool in da house again! Today's a day for "Old but goooood".

Photomanipulations is one of the things that I artistically enjoy more,and this artwork is one of my favorite pieces, for both, the image itself and for the message, that was inspired for a song by the band Demon Hunter (my favorite band by the way)

And today, to satisfy some curious friends and show a little "behind the scene", a screenshot where u can see the image with all the layers:

That's all buddies... Stay cool and keep creating!


sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

Saturdei fan!

Yow yow yow
Hang over again! yow yow
painkillers needed!
First draw a girly version of Wolverine, if Wolvy was a chick....

That's a tatto desing for a tatto artist living in Brooklin, I know that's styla!
The Justice!

Some desings for a mascot, who knows, maybe Burnin' Flamez will have a hot damn chick rocking all around!

A Deadpool commission, I'm not really a fan of that guy, but it was kind of fun drawing the gun xD

And now some real fun! These are pages from Spectacular Spider-man 183 I did for Marvel UK
Hope you like it, SPIDER-BOY!

What else what else.... Ah yeah! This is a design I did for a funky artist, colors by my gf Exile

Fanart of Akira, not much to say about that one, except I had some fun drawing the bike, aaaaaand that the background is more sketchy, and Kaneda is in clean lines.

And one more thing Before going back to watch "the Hills" I meeeeeeeeeeeeean Jackass! yeah yeah, ... Jackass....
A Gears of war, suposed to be a print, buuuuuuuuuut...

Ok, and That's it, I'm sure there is something else I can show you, but I can't remember it! xD


viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009


What's up lil' flamerz! This is Robaato, and it's FRYDAYE!!!!

Been up to some mean stuff lately. Getting commissions out of the way, workin' at the new J.O.B., and been getting back to drawing more stuff that I wanted to for the longest. Recently, I've been getting back into drawing Ruby, one of my most well-known and popular OC of mine. And I'm pretty sure you guys seen the post of this image. Last week, I gave you guys a small method to my madness, but this week, since people been asking me, you get a more in-depth viewpoint on how I do things now. So let's go!

1. Here's the base Raw sketch. I did this at work, so I had all the time in the world to get the lines I want. Being in this setting gives me liberty to try new things and be more adventurous, unlike at home when I can get lazy. XD So yeah, throw yo sketch in the scanner, level it out, yada yada.

2. I took the sketch in Painter X and inked it up using the cover pencil. Again, I chose to take my time. What worked with the inking process well is that I already had my lines established and that I don't have to guesstimate when zoomed all in on Painter. Unfortunately, Painter doesn't have a dual-screen mode allowing you to stay zoomed in on one monitor and in full view on the other.

3. Going to Photoshop CS3, I selected all the linework except the eyes, and cut out about 35% of the opacity on them. This is to give my lines a "color hold" look. Much easier method for color holds to me than all that masking and extra layer-making. XD

4. Droppin' the flats. I went ahead of myself and rendered the eyes, lips, and earrings just so I won't have to worry about them later. As you can see, I start my flats in darker tones. Reason being, if I'm having trouble with my palette selections or don't feel like picking colors, I just use a specialized layer (Overlay, Soft Light, etc.) and the color white for my highlights. But in this piece, I picked the colors.

5. Rendering. I took a small soft brush, changing the sizes depending on the strands, and started rendering the hair.

6. Then for highlights, I selected some small zig-zag areas for the shines, threw white on em, duplicated the layer, set the top layer to overlay, and gaussian blurred the bottom layer to a percentage I'm satisfied with.

7. Sexy skin renderin'! First stage of skin rendering, I put the initial highlights, using a soft brush with varying opacities. 

8. Secondary skin highlights. Took a more opaque color and blended in the secondary highlights, giving it a realistic look.

9. Wash, rinse, and repeat! I rendered everything else in the same manner as I did on previous areas, added shines on the jewel, and threw on a purplish-tinted gradient layer over the whole image on 50% Linear Light to give it a variance in depth from the top to the bottom.

That's it! Hope you guys learn from this, and I may get my head chewed off from letting you know the secrets! That's how Bruce Lee got killed.


jueves, 28 de mayo de 2009

Hey hey hey a little bit late, but I think everyone is sleeping now so I thnnk I'm almost on time! So here you have what I'm doing for a comic project. This is the most enjoyable part, I think, but its also the part to discuss with the writter of the story.

Ok, here you have the Charcter design, from the first and ugly steps to the final result. He wanted me to draw something for guys on 13-15 years old, so I had to adapt me, but I'm feeling good with this. Oh, the colors are not finished, this are just the flat colors to see how to paint every character

I also add the first designs of the sky favelas city were they live and an airplane design. No documentation on this, every time its easier to draw things with the stuff I have kept on my mind.

Well, hope you like it guys!

Hi there pals!
Not much to show, just something I'm starting right now. A series of Super Smash Bros Brawl stickers!!
We're doing this as a collab with some of the studio, and here you have my colors over Pedro's sketch!
Hope you like it, cause you'll have so many more soon!!-Xabs-

miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

Digi Crayons

WIP of Jorges Molina Garhol.. just having some fun doing some painty style and paintovers D:

Gates of Hell

An Awesome project im working at the mo!! with some kick as art in it:D story telling, and overall the plot its awesome to from Lucio Fulci films its a revamp of the movie btw! art n story by Derek Pappas and Stepeh Romano, colors provided by yours trully D:AND YES THE SKIN THEY WANTED IT LIKE THAT.. LIKE ASH..


for pc company or sumfin
lines by Pedro Delgado

Vide Games kid
lines by Pedro Delgado

i shoulded poster yesterday but i died! OLD SUTFF BTW.. mostly!

martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

Toonz!! :3

Dammit didn't update yesterday, sooooo here I come today!
sadly this post won't be too long. I'll post some finished fellas from the sketchs in my last post here.

Also I'll post this poster we did for a musical in france.First job done among many members of the studio at once.

Thats it for today!
Have fun :3

-Kid Chaos-

lunes, 25 de mayo de 2009

One Last Poll

Heya, Marcus again,

One last poll about stories.

What age range do you prefer in a main character?

A.) Pre-teens (e.g. Naruto pre-time skip)
B.) Teenagers (e.g. every manga from 1991-Present)
C.) Young Adults (20-29)
D.) Adults (30-39)
E.) Middle Aged (e.g. most American superhero books from Marvel and DC)
F.) Elderly (60+)

sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009

Little things

Hi hommies!
Nema speaking. Last saturday I was a big bitch and didn't post anything, that was because there was a rap festival(Cultura Urbana) here in Madrid and X-zibit, Common, Dizze Rascal and many more came, so I was getting ready and didn't remember about the post, my bad.
This week I've been pretty busy with a new Spider-man script for Marvel UK, it came out really awesome, so as soon as I'll be able to post it I'll do!

That's an Emma Frost commission I did for a guy from DA, lot of flowing clothes!

This is another commission I was suposed to do for a guy from DA too. But I took too long to answer him and he just hired other guy, in fact it was Murphy, so it's cool hehe. But I was having so much fun drawing it that I just decided to finish it, for me, because I’m worth it!

That's a little preview from a test Page I did for Marvel USA, I jsut cut Wolvy from the page, I don't know, I thought it was kind of cool.

And that's it!

viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009


How's it going, folks? ElectroCereal here!
I've just got back from a kind of renaissance fair near my house! (it's not like an american renaissance fair, it's more like lots of tents with handmade stuff and good food!!). As some of you may know, i believe in things like tarot, magic, the occult, runes, divination and all that sort of stuff, and since it's been a lot of time since i last had my future read on the cards i went to the fortune-teller to do so. Well, the more i get into this, the more i believe!! She nailed EVERYTHING!! wow.
Enough with my personal stuff xD let's get working! This week i'll upload a personal project for my illustration class. Everyone in class had to tell his/her bio the way he wanted, so i decided to tell about me through the Major Arcana cards and their meanings. Here we go people!

Here's the back of every card. Nothing very difficult, a simple design with lame artnouveauish corners and my sign on the center.

Here's the first Arcane, the Magician/the Mage/the Mountebank/the Juggler. This Arcane represents the power of will and wisdom, the active and creative power within anyone. Also, the posibility of handling problems and situations with wisdom and skill and make a good decision. So, here i am with all my might and power! ROFL
The High Priestess represents the passive power of anyone, the capacity of reason and to retain our creative impulses in order to model and improve our creations. It's the intuition and the occult. And so is vicky (our little cookie) to me! The one who retains me from going nuts and do all sorts of crazy shit (tho she's even crazier than me xD)
This card represents the power of matter put to disposition of man for his creations. So, i thought my mother would fit here perfectly, as she is who usually lends me the money to get my stuff done (not only the creative stuff, sometimes even food and everything! xD)
The Emperor is the card that represents the one who judges actions and gives some useful advices.He's the one who lends the material energies needed to get the creative thoughts to reality. That would fit my father, he usually just judges my actions and works, even sometimes he tries to give me some advice (he's not a talking one neither loving or emotional xD we don't get along very well usually xD). In spite of that, he usually helps me with big handmade projects or gets me the contacts or resources i need to get my stuff done ;).

And nooooow, it's LOL time!! you know this guy! right! he's our crazy leader, KidChaos himself!! Since Pedro has been my art teacher for the last two years, and since i met him i've improved a lot (but still got to improve ten times more!!), it was clear he had to be on this card. The Hierophant card represents the one who receives divine inspiration and judges and teaches with absolute equity.(Though his equity and teaching style is very hard and kinda frustrating!!! xD) (

I'll cut here for today. 22 cards are too much cards to show in one day xD next week, 5 more!! Stay tuned! And hope you dig them, they're a very personal part of mine and my life!

-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

Post Numba' Tu'ah!

Wass' up gang. Rob here. Just opened up my own personal blog, here>>> So now I have DOUBLE the stuff to draw and keep updated (which ain't necessarily a bad thing for you guys... XD).

So here's the image that I used for the header logo. Better yet, I'll give you guys a quick "how-I-do-thangs".

1. Just a quick fast sketch. This took no longer than 10 minutes to do. 

2. Took it in Manga Studio, and inked it real fast. I added all the extra details.

3. Quickly took it in Photoshop CS3 and slapped the flats on her.

4. Added the highlights using the color white and overlay layer settings, then added the paint on her and the slops. Then after that, I added my logo, some more paint, then VOILA!

But enough with that. Here's some special stuff for you ol' skool gamers out there...


That's it for now. Here's something for you to reminisce... :)

miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009

Blah blah


Im sorry, i dont have anything new to show you guys, but here's an oldie: Etush, one of my most favourite characters. She was part of an RPG i was working on,  (a proyect for my own, nothing serious) called: The twins prelude. She's a princess and actual leader of a little clan of centaurs called by 'normal' people (humans) "The White horses" (how come im so original? *cough*)...cause u know, they all have this albino look (they actually do have achromia) and ppl think they're divine yet also cursed. They call themselves Seelenids (from SELENIO (yes, like the chemical element also)  and the greek word σελήνιον or SELENE, and means Moon glanz or just Moon...) cause the story says they are descendents of one of the 50 daughters of the greek goddess and her lover endymion. 

SOOO.. they kinda have titan's blood running trough their veins,and this makes them have a really unusual strenght and beauty (in females at least) and...that's it... this is not a friggen letter XD

Peace out

clon a la rikku

Hello! hope you're having a sweet week :3

I don't have nice things to show, I'm like busy (or something) and kind of uninspired lately, so I'm here with two crappy sketches, hope you like them tho...

my character again~

I have to re-design this munster, it's all alien-ish and anatomically wrong for beeing a fairy.

and yea, don't be fooled, they're not pretty or cute...