domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

Rielar cover

Hello again fellow followers!

Uncle pixeltool again at the stage! Today I brings an artwork created for the cover for a novel titled Rielar y los Reinos del Mar. A fantasy novel about Mermaids, so much water and blue tones run around this cover. I enjoy a lot doing this, and I like a lot the way this comes out. The beautiful Natalie Paquette and her stunning eyes are the main characters, without doubt.

The back of the cover just looks empty, but that was intentionally under requirements from the editor. (I suppose they will add the respective text there)

Until the next post, buddies!


4 comentarios:

  1. my god.... what's her telephone numberrr....??

    kickass, pixel ;D

  2. Love all the blue tones, textures and stuff you've put all together!! it matches brilliantly!
    Maybe the contrast between the red hair and the rest is a little high, but i guess that was intentionally, so it's ok :)
    Great job, uncle pixeltool! xD

  3. beautiful, I specially like the contrast between orange and blue, and that awesome textures and brushes ^3^