viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

Losing my "posting virginity"!!!

What's up cats! This is Robaato, posting for the very first time via Burnin' Flamez, and yeah, I've been extra busy as of late... Really been Freaky Fridays due to the nonexistent bloggin', but Pedro got my @$$ in gear. XD 

I figure I can show you guys a lil' bit of what's goin' on in my artings, such as a eensy weensy example of a slew of sketch commissions that I'm jumpin' on. I also plan on going to Otakon this year in Baltimore, and I have some print work I'm doing for that. (Right now, the trip is lookin' bleak, but I still want to do these pieces of work just for the helluvit.)

In lieu of that, I'll just show you guys this sneeker peeker of a layout sketch...   

Peace up! Chi-Town!


6 comentarios:

  1. awww goku and bulma (l) good job *hugs* n_n and its good to see you posting!

  2. yay! can't wait to see all of these coloured! especially the pin-up mermaid!

  3. Glad to have u here u manga boy!

    Give as moaaaaaar ahahaha
    I love that mermaid chick. Really amazing pose :)

  4. Finish that DB sketch, RIGHT NAO!!! It looks great!!
    Welcome to the Comic Fridays, dude ;) Good to have you here!

  5. cant wait to see that DB piece finished mang!

  6. love that Bulma sooooo much! you have to finish it T3T