lunes, 25 de mayo de 2009

One Last Poll

Heya, Marcus again,

One last poll about stories.

What age range do you prefer in a main character?

A.) Pre-teens (e.g. Naruto pre-time skip)
B.) Teenagers (e.g. every manga from 1991-Present)
C.) Young Adults (20-29)
D.) Adults (30-39)
E.) Middle Aged (e.g. most American superhero books from Marvel and DC)
F.) Elderly (60+)

6 comentarios:

  1. Young adult, and, of course, pretty women!!=D

  2. C! The media is so agist when it comes to their so called demographics! We need more stories for people in their 20s+! I think young adults are an awkward stage 'cause we're not so teen but we're not that worldy, so yeah, C!

  3. I prefer Young Adults (20-29) always.