viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009

Post Numba' Tu'ah!

Wass' up gang. Rob here. Just opened up my own personal blog, here>>> So now I have DOUBLE the stuff to draw and keep updated (which ain't necessarily a bad thing for you guys... XD).

So here's the image that I used for the header logo. Better yet, I'll give you guys a quick "how-I-do-thangs".

1. Just a quick fast sketch. This took no longer than 10 minutes to do. 

2. Took it in Manga Studio, and inked it real fast. I added all the extra details.

3. Quickly took it in Photoshop CS3 and slapped the flats on her.

4. Added the highlights using the color white and overlay layer settings, then added the paint on her and the slops. Then after that, I added my logo, some more paint, then VOILA!

But enough with that. Here's some special stuff for you ol' skool gamers out there...


That's it for now. Here's something for you to reminisce... :)

7 comentarios:

  1. I fell in love with that Peach. It's really cute! you've really nailed it!
    It's good to see how you do things, also! (at least, i like very much the tutorials and step-by-step pieces of people :3) Good job, bro!

  2. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  3. Hey Rob! I absolutly love the girl with the paint! amazing colors!

  4. sorry x lo d arriba

    me gusto mucho ver el proceso de el primer personaje ahaha la firma esta muy linda :D *hugs*

  5. I loved to see that process, so cool! and that's the most cutepretty Peach I've ever seen, love it so much T3T