miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009

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Im sorry, i dont have anything new to show you guys, but here's an oldie: Etush, one of my most favourite characters. She was part of an RPG i was working on,  (a proyect for my own, nothing serious) called: The twins prelude. She's a princess and actual leader of a little clan of centaurs called by 'normal' people (humans) "The White horses" (how come im so original? *cough*)...cause u know, they all have this albino look (they actually do have achromia) and ppl think they're divine yet also cursed. They call themselves Seelenids (from SELENIO (yes, like the chemical element also)  and the greek word σελήνιον or SELENE, and means Moon glanz or just Moon...) cause the story says they are descendents of one of the 50 daughters of the greek goddess and her lover endymion. 

SOOO.. they kinda have titan's blood running trough their veins,and this makes them have a really unusual strenght and beauty (in females at least) and...that's it... this is not a friggen letter XD

Peace out

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  1. ojhhhhhhhh soooo texturey and yet sooo bright and colours falling in the right places, ohhhhh the texture... i like it how you have all the concepts thought out, got no idea what you were on about half the time (couldn't be stuffed wikipedia-ing) but i'm convinced, she's shiny.

  2. fucking awesome, lavih :D

    so, marry me.now. please.

  3. I love the way you pulled off the texture and look. The finished style of linework and paint reminds of FF:Tactics artwork. You meshed them together VERY well.

  4. I reaaaally like the ethereal-like style on this piece. The story is great! You should keep on with it!

  5. oooooh me encantaaaa, y luego dices q solo quieres pintar, seras canoli

    and dont marry Joaks

    he is mine..wachuwasdff

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  7. thnks ppl! u're all very kind! and yessss joaqs i'll marry you just cause im a home wrecker ahahahaha nah, im jk (l)

    gracias a todos u.u qe lindos u.u

  8. ayyy como me gusta y me encanta todo lo que haces T3T

  9. como fking ruleas la vdd y es oldie @_@ dam