viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

Married in Marriage!!! ROFL!

Hello, folks!! ElectroCereal rockin' the house this time!
I've being soooooo busy lately 'cause of the incoming exams and everything about the classes. I've got to do all the work i haven't done in nearly a year!! OMFG!! But i'm still working hardpoijfapsofapsdkfnapqieralksñdnf1'23u1ohdsf (ROFL!)

Hopefully i'll pass at least everything except 2 or 3 of the subjects (and that will be passed on september, so no worries ;) ), the only problem with that are my parents (They're like Galactus, Emperor Palpatine, Arthur Petrelli, Darkseid and Terminator all together in two persons, but less cooler and more sonofabitch! T__T) but meh, i'll figure it out!

Last week i bought a cool hardcover sketchbook and i'm drawing things everyday, so i'll post that here since is rough and fresh work! (still i'll post more finished thingies if there are any).

This week i'll start with a cool sketch i did last week about one of my favourite Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic characters: Mission Vao, the young and sexy twi'lek thief!! (Maybe you had seen it in DA already, who knows!)

And now, for the sketchysketchs! First of all, some classmates' portraits i did for illustration class. I've realized that i'm not good at portraits...and can't draw people ugly! i always draw them more beautiful than they really are!! xDD OH SNAP!!

Noooow, for XMen and specially New Mutants fans...CHAMBER!!

And closing the sketches, a little Moguri from Final Fantasy series (my take on moguris, like them furry and kitty/squirrel/racoon-like, not that weird things of Kingdom Hearts and all that)

This week song:
Ellegarden - No.13

Well, that's all for now!! (People, let's get Married in Marriage!!! ROFLMAO!!)

-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

5 comentarios:

  1. my god cereal, you've drawn a lot of kickass things!! :D keep on it!

    BUT, please, cut with that gaypunk XD ask me for some cds or songs XD

  2. That´s what i call improvement!! Those faces are preety cool, but the rasta man has a little problem with his head.

    Great stuff coming by!

  3. Great! que Marta no vea el Mogury que se me corre... mmm... mmm.... mejor que lo vea! XDD