sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009


HEY HEY HEY! That's the no-so-porn-pick-of-the-week! just wanted to draw somethign sexy and fun!

Hey people!
as you can see, I'm a little bit hang over, yeah. Past week I decided not to go party this weekend, and I don't know how, but I went to a Rap jam in Sanse and then to the Deep, and FUCK! I'm fucked up right now.
Well, ok, I stop talking shhit about myself (NEMA).

OOOOOOOK! This week was a pretty busy week, I drew lot of things, but I can't just show you some.
Here is the first thing I did, Harley Queen ( I think) that wa for my GF who love that character. It was fun to draw it.

That's my crew! nah! just some friends we recently met. They are pretty fun and they have some cool styla'! I'm in the middle just in case you didn't notice!

And last but not least the commission I did for my dad's boss (yeah yeah) He wanted some hot chicks! so there you go!

And that's all folks, I hope you had some fun!

PS: Where is my Fu***ng aspirine!?!?!

11 comentarios:

  1. Joder Nema, cada vez te superas mas XDDDD

  2. The Storm+Emma Frost one is ORGASMATRON!! xD Love the poses, the hair styles (that artnoveauish curls are great!)and everything (and it's got electric beams! Superb!! Everything becomes better with electric stuff xD).
    You look soooooo procurer in that chair surrounded by girls xDDDDDDDD
    Keep it up, bro!

  3. Cereal, write a Poetry Book and dedicate it to me XD

  4. Carlos, desatado!.. Molan muchísimo tio, estás dando pasos de gigante. Me encanta la fuerza que pones en las manos, a lo Pacheco, y las poses geniales, muy naturales.. saludos!

  5. Yo kiero el Hi-res de storm/white queen ya!!

    Muy wapotes tio :3

  6. I adore those little feet you always do <3

  7. haha finally someone who doesn't complain about the small feet I draw!!! thanks cookie!