jueves, 14 de mayo de 2009

Crazy Spidey and more concepts!!

Hey guyz!!
Nice thursday for posting some crazy concepts! And for that, here he comes, our friendly neighbour! Spiderman!
Hahah I had this crazy idea last day of redesigning this superhero, but in a more modern way, not those shiny clothes, something more useful/technologic and a bit more serious or darker :3

Let me explain some of the gadgets he'd hve in this suit.
-Starting with his head, we have the mask, it's a gas mask, and it works as an armor piece too, so not more face punches for spidey! it'd also have a microphone system inside or something like that so he can talk to..dunno SHIELD center? or somewhere like that lol
-The goggles have an infrared filter so he can see at night, and a radio system in his ears, so he can listen to the police radio for example. Anyway, I think the goggles look more spider like, and they look totaly cool to me hahah
-And well, some more features... it'll be a bulletproof but flexible fabric, so he can jump and run everywhere but be some kind of armor against fireguns.
-And at least, apart from the usual webthrowers in his wrists. He has needles in its knuckles, with some kind of sedative drugs, so he can bunk down enemies easily when he punches them.
He carries some supplies for both of these features in his utility belt.
And that's it for now, haha sorry for this bible long stuff...

And next, just showing you an advanced preview for what I'll bring you finished next week.
The design of my own character Kira. A nomad adventurer in a steampunk/fantasy world.
Hope you like her! Next week, more info!!
See ya pals!!


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  1. do you hear that? is my penis hardening because of your art.... XDDD

  2. Kira looks amaaazing.
    The spidey design is very nice, but the pose SUCKS big time ahahha

  3. love Kira <3 but I want to see more bubalus T3T

  4. Kira's love, but that Spidey reminds me to a Drone from The Chronicles of Riddick assault on Dark Athenna :3

  5. I want to see Nut too!! T__T Nut rocks!
    And yeah, bubaloos are always welcome xD