viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

Back At It

Hey, all-

Rob here with the Friday post. Currently, we are gonna start posting things we need to work on. And since I'm basically out of it in the mode of drawing, I have to flex my muscles a bit.
Basically, I normally would do these before starting a project or client work, but I've been so out of it lately, that I just totally lost focus. These are 60-second drawings on each pose. Really gets me back in the habit of being flowy and whatnot, since I've slowly been gaining the eye of being perfect on the first try, which I have to stray away from.

I will have updates next week on parts of the human anatomy I know I need to work on. Until then, Rob out.

4 comentarios:

  1. My favourite one is the person running away, that pose is just flawless, the one with teh model on middle bottomish well, wow @_@ very daring and suggestive pose, still, AWESOME pencil outlines! Keep it up!

  2. Nice sketches, bro!! I specially like the ones in the right corners. I should do as you too and practice my anatomy and all that. Keep it up!!

  3. @Electrocereal Yeah, bro.

    I figure it's always good to have consistent study, only way I'll get better at pulling things off better than I have been.

    @Authoritaters Thanks a lot man! I'ma have more in-depth studies I've been doing in the near future. Glad you dig.

  4. I really like this ones Rob!! Some of them have a lot of movement! O.o