lunes, 11 de mayo de 2009

Busy week!

Heya guys!
I totally fell asleep, so I'm basically posting tuesday instead of monday! DAMM IT!!!

So here it is anyway, a bit of everything!
Today I'll show ya a couple of covers I did for my pal Mark from Australia, for a project about a surf God boy who fights aliens. In the moon. Oh yesh!!

As many of you have seen (or not :P) on DeviantArt, it's been some busy weeks for me doing comissions, so here's a sneak peak on the last ones I've done!

But also I've been doing new poses for DeviantArt mascot Fella (hehehehe funny name XD) so here's some geeky Fella painter Fella and ZOMBIE FELLA! FTW!

And to end this, I'm postin this sketch for a B.P.R.D illo I've been roamin' for some time.
Prolly will all be pencil work. Hope you liked it! See ya in 2 weekz :P

Aaaaaaaand talkin' bout Hellboy, listen to this kickass song done for the 1st movie!

Pete Out!

- Kid Chaos -

8 comentarios:

  1. Nice skecth and also love the zombie fella!!

  2. ultra post! love them all, bitch

  3. I hadn't see that Doc Who commish!!! It rocks!!
    Finish the BPRD illo, bitch! It looks superb!

  4. Fuck! The Zombie Fella is the best fella ever ever ever!! hahahah you should update the finished one, or at least the next week XD

    Love the rest of them and you definetly should finish the hellboy one!!

  5. zombie feeeella! his presence doesen't let me look at the other pics u_u

  6. I love the poses you made for Fella!

  7. es como el post mas gigante everrrrrr, me encanta fella ese de el zombie ROARRR hearts***