martes, 7 de abril de 2009

Moar WIPz and a Lava Monstar!!

Hey there pals!
Haven't got so much free time so I couldn't finish the fishie couple of the last week yet :P
Anyway, here's another preview

And so you don't get pissed off cause of my poor update, another creature concept I did months ago. This time, a lava monster, supposed to live in volcanic lands, full of lava inside, "walking" with his lav-ass on the ground, sooo slowly. But also with a mortal attack for hunting food, he can spit and throw that lava inside burning the other animals for eating them later :3

Hope you like'em folks! And see ya next week!!


6 comentarios:

  1. BUBALOOOOOO!! Love that monster xD The blue marks on the male Quorant are cool, but kinda liked the old ones more (yours' ones).
    You're the king of tuesdays, huh? xD no one showed up!

  2. The Bubalus of Loveeee!!! Love that monster :3

    I really like the fishes, but you know wich version I prefer...

  3. Yeah, I know you both love this Bubbaloo XDD I still have the one you gave me at the expocomic :3
    I like these marks rather than the old ones, anyway I'll have a lot of work to do on them yet :P

  4. hehehehe, lava lava ass XD must be soo nice to have warm buttocks 24/7 XD

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