lunes, 20 de abril de 2009


So today I submited a Bluefire picture at DA, and well, decided to go Bluefire here too!
First, this was the pic on DA, coloured by Fabian 'Monk' Schlaga.
And here's an exclusive sketch for you guys! Its an idea for a cover, but dunno what I'll do with it once finished.....

Not much more to say, Im fuckin' tired and out of ideas.

Be bad, fuck someone!

- Kid Chaos -

5 comentarios:

  1. That So fucking awesome pinneapple capcom man!
    BlueFire Rulz!

  2. I found everything I've seen about BlueFire sexy as hell, and what to say about Monk's colors... <3

  3. Lovely Pedro Delgado's lines and awesome colors

  4. *o*
    y like a lot this blog!! y have put it to follow it. XD
    Very nice picture. I really like the way of colouring it ;)

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