miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

Oh baby baby it's a wild woooooorld!

Hi loooves! I'm still away from my second home, so I still got nothing new to show you, sorry. Soooo here's the old stuff I'm less ashamed of hohoho ho -.-

Well I lied, a little, this one is not that old, I made it for the BF's artbook months ago xD

My babes :3

This is just a little preview, It looks awful, I know, so I have promise myself to finish it soon (ahah). It's from a very personal project I have been hiding for a couple of years.

I like this one and I don't know why, I see many mistakes on it and she looks really ugly... I'm sure it's the fish. Yeah, the fish. I love fishes.

aaaand finally, this is my handmade fimo baby, Travis.

He is stuffed with that sand where cats do pee, I forgot his ears, he moves weird and probably you'll find him really ugly, but I love him so much I really don't care about any of it :3

I'm done for today, I sweeear :3

The Cookie.

7 comentarios:

  1. you gotta tell me ALL 'bout this proyect >: biatch! Love the bus stop xD it's so cute!

  2. el primerisimooo! me gusto forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me gusta mucho como dibujas tu asi u.u muy padre y puedes hacer muchas cosas, es algo qe yo nu puedo y te admiro por eso ;__;

    oye me gusta tu cosa esa de leopardo, y el mono tb! lo encuentro bonito precioso n_n

  3. Aqui hablando de moda y todo?
    que post mas cañero te has marcao, Cactus.

    XD Super besho todo

  4. 'I'm made of cat pee pee sand!'

    Hmmmm, OK, good for you XD

    I like the bus stop monsters, especially the one talking on his cell phone with a pinkie pricked up, he looked so focused XD

  5. Soy superfan de todo lo q haceeesss, ains q ganas me dan de dibujar un conejo de esoos


  6. Everyone, thank you very much! ^^

    Lavah & Javas: esas cosas viniendo de vosotros me hacen mucha mucha mas ilusion askjfhksoxf TTvTT

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