domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Back Again

Hey y'all.

Marcus back again, figured I'd do a poll instead of showcasing anything.

Which type of story interests you most?

A.) Horror
B.) Adventure
C.) Martial Arts
D.) Superhero
E.) Children's Card Games
F.) Animal Collection/Dogfighting
G.) Historical Fiction
H.) Fantasy
I.) Science Fiction

12 comentarios:

  1. Adventure!! (where's the Scifi!? T__T)

  2. Rocky Horror Picture Show!!

    Nah...srsly....Horror. :D

  3. Adventure, because in all of the stories I love were all an adventure disguised as a Martial Arts Story, or Superhero, etc.

  4. Hey! Where are the 'Sex Stories'? :(

  5. In your sick dirty mind Herr Doktor XDDDDDD

  6. WTF! I mean: There's Adventures, Horror, DOGFIGHTING, etc! MY GOD! WHERE'S THE SEX??????? XDDDD

  7. I.) Science Fiction
    H.) Fantasy
    F.) Animal Collection

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