miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

Pencil drawing


Today I bring to you a new drawing I was working on my vacation in my grandparets house in Castilla! ( don quijote!!!! XD)
I think It could be the begining of a new art Series, like Wings simplicity ^^

I'm thinkg about the colors, and the red is a nice idea... XD
See ya guys!
Vhea! *3*

8 comentarios:

  1. More than red, i would think about cold ones, but lightfull. Like white, blue and grey. Or so O.o it's very "windy/watery"like :S. Love the "art nouveauish" style of your hairs and Bgs!!
    The hands are a little bit small compared with the head size, maybe?
    Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Beautiful pencils! But the head is too big for those hands.
    About the colors, seems to be a nymph, so maybe greens, yellows and orange would work :D

  3. i liek it grrrl :D, i look forward to see it colored..i agree with murfish, head's a bit big :( but who cares LOL

  4. No!!! The head is not big! Ther hands are small xDDDDDD
    I'll correct them when I start redrawing and cleaning the ilust! xDD thank you for the advises! ^^

  5. I like her head ornaments, seems very oriental but her facial features and expressions are quite bold and strong ^^ I'll be looking forward to see it finished!

  6. q bonitoooooo! pues a mi me va el rojo! cant wait to see it finished!

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