lunes, 6 de abril de 2009

Grey Griffins Pin Up

Hi thar peeps!

Javas here! *applause*

Its Monday and that means ... Cartoon´s Day, yay! So im posting here a Pinup I did for J.S Lewis, the writer from the Grey Griffins book series. He is putting together an awesome artbook called "The Misterious Journal of J.S Lewis" that will see the light this summer at the SDCC, featuring lots of great artist (not like myself, I mean REALLY great) like Sean Galloway, Phil Hester, Todd Nauck, Mike Kunkle, Marcio Takara, and many many others. You will also be able to buy this pin up printed, so u can´t miss the chance! Wooot!

So that´s it, hope you all digs! :P

6 comentarios:

  1. Looks kinda cool! What's all about? seems to be teenagers superheroes O.o

  2. Thanks!. As the author said to me, it's kind of Harry Potter meets Hellboy's BPRD. Coolio!

  3. Friggin' amazing dude! Love all the designs, the expresions and specially how you make all of them look different in their way to the rest of the others.
    Really cool man!

  4. I totally agree with the author!!! xDDD

    It's awesome, love the design of all of them, and the atmosphere it's great :3

  5. AINSSS asdf wachuwuuu pishioom!
    :3 aww qe risa! quiero comprar todo lo qe tu hagas, porqe soy tu fans numero uno mil ochomil forever :D mi favorito porsupuesto es el the lion sleeps tonight!

    bueee y el de las llamas :D porqe son de volcan forever ajajaja