sábado, 25 de abril de 2009

Spreading the word!

Hi everyone!

Joak's here! I'm a BurninFriend and actually I'm the responsible of spreading Burnin'Flamez's word through valleys, mountains and all over the world. (Actually, I'm the Scientific Consultat too XD)

By the moment, we have only purchased our art with a few 'famous' Artists, but just wait for us... HA!

Well, here, from left to righ it's me, Xabi, the kickass Marko Djurjevic and Andrew 'Android' Jones. (Marko has in his left hand the Burnin'Flamez Artbook we gave him. HA!)

Another pic here! From left to right, the awesome Nekro, Xabi, Marko and Andrew!

In this pic you can see myself and Luis Royo, a kickass spanish artist. I waited 4 hours , but he signed me 1 poster, his last Artbook and I got this pic!! :D (and I gave him another artbook)

See ya Flamez!! And remember: A daisy is not a flower! Is a load of 2 different kinds of little flowers! :D

Mad Scientist leaving!!

4 comentarios:

  1. quiero ver esas curras aun mas largas Joaks XD

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