domingo, 5 de abril de 2009


Hello there people!

Pixeltool is here and hitting you with some words today… Well, actually with some words and an image too. Like graphic designer, a lot of my works follow “orders” from clients, but in some cases, my creativity runs a little more and pushes me to create some images like part of my ritual of life. Here’s one of my new ones, “Intoxication”.

So you can say “Uncle Pixeltool, what that image means?” And well my little watchers, some images come to me like nonsense words and get a “shape” just inside my mind, in a deep and slowly way, but others just hit me so hard that I need to create something to show it to the world, with the same speed that they hit me. And some weeks ago, this idea beat me so hard in my mind…

We all know the meaning of the word intoxication, and of course, we immediately think about poison or something bad. But in our life, we always have toxic stuff, around or in us. And the most interesting and unusual part is that if you think in good things like water or oxygen, u will find that they are necessary things in our life but in some way… toxic too. And what’s the point of all that? May u ask- And… The point is, that we all have a lot of things in our mind, hearts and life that we want to do, and some situations around us just look fine or give us some pleasure that we can’t see that at the end… Is just poison that intoxicates us. And the worst part is that looks (and feels) good, like we’re doing the right decision. But if our actions aren’t leading us to our goal, no matter how many good things we’ve done in our walk: We’re missing the target, and is a long way back to pick up the pieces and began again. We need to think twice, don’t let our heart get hard, is nice to be good, but we all need to avoid intoxication, distraction, we need to keep ourselves walking in the right path that lead us to our goal.

C’ya around, fellas… Keep yourself alive and kicking!

Note: Original stock photography by antihumanstock

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  2. hola pixeeeel, me gusta muchisimo la foto y las texturas que le has puestoo, tu tienes muy buenos trabajooossss, voy a esperar siempre con muchas ganas el dia que te toque porque yo no doy una con diseño y eso qe segun eso estudio ajaja :3

  3. I love your designs and stuff, pixeltool. They're really inspiring. i'm in the same situation as lavah! i study graphic design, but what we're learning is shit!!
    I totally agree with your point about intoxications xD tho i get intoxicated too often :(