viernes, 3 de abril de 2009

Breakfast time!!

Hey ho, everyone!!
It's ElectroCereal here!

Today (and all Fridays from now on) are ComicBook Day here on Burnin'Flamez studio's blog. Sooo the great Nema and myself will be posting today and the awesome Foo and Robaato will post next Friday, then back to us and repeat. I'll open my part of the section with some clean lines i was working on (i have to still finish it, but exams and other stuff kept me away from it T__T). Still gotta redraw some lines, add the shades and even i'll try to colour it! It's some kind of Gorilla pirate for the TCG Tide Bandits World, hope you like it!!

Hope you like it!!
And as i need my music to live and usually listen to many things while i draw, i'll leave some music here in my entries for you to listen to it (only if you want! xD)

Today's song: Anti-Flag - This is the End (for you my friend)

Nema, your turn! ;)

ElectroCereal out!

2 comentarios:

  1. Nice stuff in there, I love its face :P quite awesome.
    And nice detail posting music, we should do the same lol

    Btw, I think Nema is in Chile right now haha, so I guess he aint posting today.. XD

  2. me gusta muchooo snifi, el pelito se ve muy cool y las cuerditas asi con mucho detalle :3 qe mejor cereal!!!! :D