miércoles, 8 de abril de 2009


hi coolios! Im not alowed to writte in spanish anymore, u_u it makes me sad forever, but its what it is, and i cant/wont/want change it n_n.

But i warn you, i suck at it.

this one is for ZAMBI (www.zambi.deviantart.com), and its obviouslyy not finished yet.

and this (i still have to change some stuff, but who cares...):

you might notice many mistakes on her face, i'll try to fix those...later...i think/guess/wachuwawachu :3, anway, bye!


5 comentarios:

  1. Ains ya calla tontita esta genial, tu sabes! adsf wachuwamil forever

  2. She looks like David Bowie with that hairdo hahaha looking forward to see more of this one :P Lovely!
    Btw, aint you posting another WIP of the one you showed us last week?

  3. ke wapo el primero, muy muy genial. joer

  4. I love the cyberpunk guys! Can't wait to see them finished! Will check back for these!

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