miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009

DarkElf Warrior

Hi there people!
Welcome to my spot in the Burnin'Flamez Blog! Since today, wednesday, is the Girls Day, I should show you something mine, so, here we go!

Here you have a detail of one commission I've recently finished.
She's a tough dark elf warrior.
Btw I love the white hair.!!!

5 comentarios:

  1. I really love how you did the metalic parts.
    Nice lightning :3
    Is it finished or just a WIP?

  2. The design of the armor is great! But the face seems too cute for me xD i always imagine the drows as sexy psycho sluts ROFL. It's finished? what happens with the cut part?

  3. me gusta mucho la armaduraa!!! yay por el cabello blancooo yeeei!

  4. I do like the armor a lot too, and I'm with Lavah about the white hair :3

  5. Awsome! I love Dark Elves!!!!

    And she is great!

    La armadura es genial!