lunes, 13 de abril de 2009


Hi Burnin´ fellas!

Javas here, posting a pic wich appears at the Burnin´Flamez artbook. This is a concept drawing I did of Beep, member of a music band called, KPOW. Presently facing criminal charges for accidentally changing his bank statement, this know it all 26 year old is a keyboard player, computer artist, bar philosopher and a very dangerous hypochondriac.
Hope ya digs!

6 comentarios:

  1. Yay I love this guy! Man bank statements are a pain in the butt! I love your attention to details for the suroundings and background, expecially that warning sign on the piece of cardboard!

    But if he's a hypochondriac, why is he in such a messy environment? @_@

    Hehe I like the little touches of the musical notes too, *beep* *bop* *bop* *bop* *beep* *beep*!

  2. It's very cool, bro! What's all that about? it's a comicbook? some kind of stuff for a real band? or what?

    The Blade Runner and Akira posters at the back are great! xD love your details, it's like searching for waldo! you always found something cool while watching! xD

  3. whoa! I just noticed the posters, heheheehee!

  4. heh, me loves hipocondriacos n_n yeisu! Pues me gustan mucho tus dibujos forever, qe puedo decir :heart:

  5. Si cereal, es para una banda de verdad, bueno en realidad, solo es uno, el resto son dibujos!


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