domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Star Wars Commission

Heya young Padawans. Javas, the Jedi Master, here.

This is a recent commission I did for a couple, depicted as the Jedi guy and the girl dressed like Padme at the front of the piece. This was super fun, but drawing Vader´s helmet was not, seriously.

May the Force be with you.

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  1. Awwww Yoda looks so cute! I think this piece really hi-lighted your skill using the gradient tool, and I found your downloadable illustration PSD file really useful too, but how did you do the glow around the characters? Can you tell me?

  2. los chinitous locos? jajaja :3 muy genial!

  3. I was gonna say the Vader is the best thing on here!

    The stuff we always find not fun always turns out the best. XD

  4. Very cool! Nice, dynamic poses!

  5. Autoritaters: Sure man, its pretty simple. On Photoshop, go to Layers > Layers Style > Outter Glow.

    Canoli: jajajajajaja siiii, el tio se quedo feliz forever

    Rob: Yeah, thats a classic

    Paco: thanks mang!

  6. Love that darth maul!!
    Yep, Vader's helmet looks weird O.o Maybe because perspective? Keep it up, javas!

  7. Darth maul pwns here!!

    darth vader is ugly as hell, but is very well painted and the white lady is too big.

    other than that, you know I love you.
    Well, not really, but I love your draws :3

  8. LOL

    I agree with everything you guys said, he looks weird. I tried to draw him with a low angle but he doesnt looke very good, and yeah, Ventress is too big, someone told me that before but I didnt listen to him...bad panther è__é

    Peter check your email, biatch. And I DO LOVE YOU


  9. bah, fuck you all! javas, marry me XDDDDDD

    kickass piece, mate. ;D

  10. Psssss...ese darth maul kedo de wevisimos!!