sábado, 6 de junio de 2009

Commission Week

Hey ho let's GO GO HO HO HO
Fire in the Hole.

It has been a pretty busy week, since I don't have any project right now, I have nothing to do, except COMMISSIONS!
So Let's approach this in chronological order:
Or not, I don't care I jsut wanted to put that one the first, because it's so AMAZING!

Batman cooking eggs! CLASSY!

This was actually a gift for a guy who helped me with all the defament stuff, yeah in case you haven't heard about it, I've been suffering some defament , lot of shit about me not sending originals for FREE, yeah, I know!

Hellboy versus Cloak and Darknees and the Darklins coming from his colak. Fun stuff!

Those are th first sketch cards I've ever draw, Actually it was pretty fun, Although I don't like drawing so small, but it's ok. At the end I drew Bizzaro more rough and rocky, but I didn't scan it, I should. SORRY!

Ok, that's a design I did for a guy, inspired in the Machintosh commercial directed by Ridley Scott, I think in 1988.

That's Outlaw Angel, nice design, she got a soul sword!

And last but not least a Zatana in the gansta times! OH YEAH!
What's a gansta without her Rolls Royce? HUH!?

That's all folks, more creppy stuff in a week!


3 comentarios:

  1. Ya veo a Batman como Karlos Arguiñano ahahahahha

    Fuckin' love this stuff, dude!

  2. I love the Rolls Royce, very Frank Miller-esqu3 with the shading and vertical lines! Nice!