viernes, 5 de junio de 2009


Hey everybody! It's ElectroCereal, here again for you all! Last week i didn't upload anything, lazy me, 'cause of finals and all that sort of stuff :( I'm so busy and stressed right now -__-
Enough whining!! Let's show some more of my Tarot Bio!!

The Lovers card represents the bite of desire, that incites the Man to be one with the Universal. Love is inspiring and one strong feeling that makes oneself to evolve and create. The soul gets excited and projects a spark towards the High, that connects with oneself in the physical plane. It was obvious that this card had to be myself and Vicky (a.k.a. that little koala that sticks around me).

This is gonna be fun. The Chariot!! This arcana basically means movement in everyone of the seven states (that is, every domain). Particularly, this card represents the material currents that drag the man and force him to be always in movement. Obviously, this mean that the Chariot in my life is represented by Burnin' Flamez studio and all of you, bros xD This studio and their awesome artists are what makes me go on and keep up working and improving! I got a little carried away with this idea and came up with this card. That's us all, burning the world and its barriers down! Making a new path for ourselves and the generations to come after! ;) The one with the electric powers and the flag is me. Below me, from left to right and up to down, there is KidChaos with his fire powers, Xab on the front, also with firey stuff and his SWAT jacket, Fish (who, of course, can talk with the sea animals and control the tides xD), and Murf, with water powers. Above, there is Cnidario at the left side (he can transform into any biologic being on earth xD)and Nema at the right side (didn't know what powers he would like, but he's cool enough to be there xD). There's also Juanxo, jumping with his monkey/spiderman like powers, Brosa (who secretly is son goku, we all know xD) and above him the saiyan lord Pansho! There are also our Burnin' Spaceship, who Javas drives, Foo (he's our big vampire bro), Pixeltool (who controls magic and stuff) and our lovely Burnin'puff Girls on top! Lavah, Vhea and Vicky, saving the day and beating bad guys! xDDD

The Justice represents the judgement of the activities that the man has done, for good or bad, during his trip through Matter (represented by the Chariot) and the balance or imbalance generated by his acts, and the happy or sad consequences of it. As my personal jiminy cricket, i have my good old friend: Francis. The chosing was obvious.

The Hermit is the Wisdom, basically.It's the search of truth, needed for the Justice to judge. My particular advisor, also with Francis, is Mars, so i chosed him to be the hermit in my bio. Since he's a HUGE fan of Lovecraft and all that kind of stuff, i added the tentacles and eyes in order to make everything a little creepier.

And now for the last card for today. That's the Wheel of Fortune, which represents the ongoing of one's life into new cycles, which are consequences of the previous ones. It's a cycle whose return to the start point reaches the experience adquired on its tour, wich will be translated on good or bad circunstances. Very karma like, you know. I didn't want to go on the original look of the card, with the three kinds of evolution and all that. Instead, i picked up some "iconic myselfs" of my life and put them all together to represent all that. What goes around, it comes around, you know ;)

That's all for today, folks xD sorry for the long post ;) See you next friday!!

-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

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  1. I like the Lovers the best, looooove the way you designed that guy's frock XD, sooo lacey!

  2. well, even if The Lovers represents something sexual, i FU-CKING love all the cards (i can transform into a biological dildo to *ahem* you, right?)

    you rocks, cereal (no matter how, when or where)

  3. Cereal XDDDDDD eres un puto genio por dios XDDDDDD lo mejor de todo sin duda, el pez XDDDDDDDD y luego sir francis, todas putas >:(

  4. A las tias nos has metio ahi con pinzas eh!!! xDDDDDD

  5. peroque dices! si pareceis los aviones de las fuerzas armadas haciendo la bandera de españa en los desfiles!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD


  6. las dos cartas que mas me gustan son las de Lovers y la de The Wheel!