sábado, 20 de junio de 2009


Holy Crap!! It's saturday now!! I've been very busy with all my final exams and stuff, so i'm a little out of this world right now. All went well (well, if failing 3 subjects and got MASSIVE amount of homework until september is something that goes well, actually xDD) and here i am back again with my Tarot BIO! No long speechs this week, just the pics and a short description. Let's GOGOGOGOGOGO!!

The Strenght represents the hability that has been mastered by oneself's pure will and constant efforts. Of course, that would be drawing in my case (still i haven't mastered it, i know, but hey! i'm trying!!)

The Hanged Man is that things that usually distract you and don't allow you to keep evolving in your life. xD easy one.

The Death is not about your death, neither anyone's death. It's about transformation. One cycle ends (dies) and another one starts. It's very related with The Wheel of Fortune. So there i am, "killing" my older cycles and living my actual one!

The Temperance tells about mediation. It's the one that helps resolving problems and happen between the two parts of a conflict. That would be my sister, always between my parents and me xD.

The Devil means the conquer of the evolution by strenght. Nothing spiritual nor reflexive, just the will of oneself and the strenght, kinda egoist but still valid. This was a difficult one. I drew an old friend of mine (koke) in this, because he reminds me a little of the card xD (he even has got his beer!! ROFL!)

That's all for this week, folks!! See ya next friday!
-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

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  1. Hey! Muy chulo tio, Aunq la ultima la veo un poco sosa, xo el resto mola!
    Sigue dandole ahi, q stas progresando a pasos de gigante! ALE!