viernes, 12 de junio de 2009

WHAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZUUUUUPPPPPP....... (Say it like the Budweiser ad!)

Rob here! With a quick and fast one!

Been busy, I'm coming out with a artbook entitled MUSTART: Art of Robert Porter Vol 1.

So I've been busy on that as of late, that's why I've been kinda AWOL. Don't really want to reveal the good stuff in it (I got a lot of it!), but it has some of my best works and new ones in it, with tons of sketchwork. Ok, here's a eensy-weensy sneaker-peaker-

Okay! Back to work! 


4 comentarios:

  1. I noticed that yellow's your favourite colour XD

  2. Very nice cover yo!!!

    The walkin girl looks kinda weird, also I see some troubles with the persp in the floor, but overall is a nice cover :D

  3. @DarkO: Thanks man! Yeah the floor was intentional. It was going to be a cover with a lot of crazy stuff in it, but I just changed it to having a background. I learned with art everything doesn't necessarily have to follow the "rules" all the time.

    @Pedro: CLOSE but no cigar! My fave color is blue. Yellow is just the theme cuz of the mustard. XD

  4. Coolness, bro! When does it comes out? i want one!

    I like Tifa over the other two (Aerith is awesome too, but i hate that character xDD)