sábado, 20 de junio de 2009


I see someone wanstah mess with me!
Ok, last saturday I was at the beach and since I have not a laptop and it wouldn't had work in the water I didn't post a thing. But Saturday is my day! hehe

This week I've been order to draw 2 new Spectacular Spider-man (OH YEAH, BABY, Give me more!) for Marvel UK, and since i can't show anything until it's released I'm going to post some hot chick I did looooong time ago for a website (can't find it right now, but I think it was for a website)

That's it!

See ya next Saturday!(because that's my day!!!!!)


4 comentarios:

  1. i ALREADY knew that saturday is your day, so chill out man. Since i couldn't upload anything yesterday and the blog has been so down lately, i asked Pedro if i could post my stuff today (just after Robaato's, as if it were friday, who cares of the day) and he said ok. Brosa posted on wednesday and i don't see any of the girls going "wednesday is OUR day so don't post here" or something. As i said, chill out, i'm not trying to steal your popularity nor "your day" (neither i want any of both).

    As for the chicks, i see them kinda "generic", you know. Your stuff from before had more "soul", mora impact. These hot chicks don't tell me anything. Keep it up, bro! ;) Your work is always inspiring!! :D

  2. oh dear, the hidden boobies @_@ the body is alluring, but the eyes, I agree with ElectroCereal, but man, the boobies @_@ that being said, I like it how professional the line art is and anatomically speaking it's faultless!

    Hehe, laptops don't work in water XD

  3. Bueno Cereal creo q se t ha pasado x alto lo mas importante de mi entrada, y es q estaba d COÑA! macho, q stamos a la q saltamos.

    enfin, las pibas eran xa un tio q las keria normalitas, ni mas ni menos, asiq no habia lugar xa lucirse ni nada. Cosas feas xa gente fea.