viernes, 26 de junio de 2009

Hi ho, folks! ElectroCereal here again!
After the awesomeness of our bro Robaato, it's my turn to upload some stuff! I'll finish with the Tarot BIO today, at least!! Let's get to it, then

The Tower represents the structures that the Man creates as the image of God's ones. Since they're created by human hands, and only in the Material plane, they're ever changing, ever being destroyed. Yep, that's me and cookie falling from our flat xD (and there's our little cat too xD)

The star represents the ones who believe in you and support you through your jorney through life. For me, they are my godparents (dunno if this is right O.o godparents?), the ones who have been supporting me and cheering me up to became the best man i can since i was born :3 Love 'em!

The Moon are the dreams and chimeric hopes that one puts into the future. For me, that's becoming a professional artist, of course. (The dogs and crab stuff is from the original card, no worries)

The Sun was one of the most difficult cars to make. As i understand this card, it represents the activities that "enlight" you. The things that make you shine, cheer up and, eventually, evolve through your life's path. Don't know if that's a good interpretation or not, but here's the card anyway xD

Judgement. Easy one. As you already thought, it's about the judgement of your life's actions, it's about the right or wrong decisions you've made and the good or bad consequences that your actions have generated. Not much to say about it, that's just the two faces of myself (as light and dark in everyone's soul). Who will win the match for my soul??? xDD (notice that my "real" or trueself is the bad one xDD ROFL)

The World is evolution! period xD it's about the evolution that everyone achieve in a lifetime and how this evolution gets reflected in the next cycle. I added the Kabbalah's life tree because i love Kabbalah and it's about evolving too!

Aaaand last one!! The Fool isn't in the normal Arcanas, anyway. It represents the Man, just that. The Man who walks his path, towards his next cycle, carrying his actions and his thoughts and everything that influentiates in his life with him. (I've realized that i feel very silly trying to resume the meanings of this cards in english xDDD).

Well, that's the end of it! Now, you know a little more about me, i hope xD Hope you've all enjoyed this ride inside my soul! 'till next week, folks!!

Belvedere - Two Minutes for Looking so Good

-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

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  1. hehehehe
    cereal, you've totally done a fucking piece of art (tarot-eroticly, of course)


  2. ajajaj parece rima pero me gusto mucho la de THE MOON, THE SUN Y THE FOOL :f son mis favoritas!!!! yo te compraria todo ese tarot n_n