lunes, 6 de julio de 2009

Morrigan and a Bee

Dammit I always miss all teh fun! Sadly was too busy when UDON launched the contest for their Darkstalkers Tribute book. I never played the game, honestly, but I always liked the designs and wanted to give 'em a shot. Better late than ever, tho, I had to get it out. Hope you enjoy it!

And this one is actually a wip for something bigger ..... ya know, more than meets the eye.

Sorry about the past week off!!! Exams , workloads, vacations .... we were all too dumped to pass by.
That's it! Be bad, and drink whisky!!!

- DarkO -

2 comentarios:

  1. Guapísimas las dos ilustraciones, DarkO
    Espero ver las versiones en color, con tu equipo de coloristas, la de Darkstalkers puede ser brutal..

  2. Gracias Alvaro!
    Para el color aún quedaa un poco, pero espero yo tambien que queden brutales!
    O sino les pegare mucho :P