lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

I rise, you fall!!

Zzzzzzzz not much to say!!!
Javas is missing (prolly jumped in his Delorean, let's check History books everybody!!!), so I take his mondays too!! :3

Not much to update, I'm dumped in TONS of work, also preparing some shits ready for San Diego Comic Con, even tho I'm not attending this year, there is always something to do for SDCC!
So here's the final pic of Transformers, portfolio piece, prolly print, and stuff to send to IDW!

Zaratus on the colors coming soon!

aaaaaand here's a bday pic for my fellow flamerz and bests friendz FooRay!

That's it for today guyz, hope you liked these!


3 comentarios:

  1. well, not the word XDDDD

    is...better than that XDDD i would marry that Transformers pic XD

  2. The TF one is AWESOMENESS made drawing. So detailed! @__@ wicked stuff.

    Is anyone going to color foo's gift?

  3. ahaha glad you liked these!
    a friend of foo is gonna paint it, is a present from us 2 :)