viernes, 31 de julio de 2009

Screaming Headless Torsos!!

ElectroCereal here, back again with moar stuff!
This time, it's a little chibi i've done for Chocolatita's jam. The theme was drawing ourselves as monsters, dressed like monsters or being really one, whatever we liked. I've draw myself as some kind of mix between the Headless Rider from the legend of Sleepy Hollow, and some knight/samurai guy. Yeah, i'm cool like that xD

Another news...This weekend i'll be going to my beach house, there's no internet there, so i might be off for the rest of the month (or maybe i'll be able to catch some wifi or connect sometimes using my father's laptop. Dunno. Anyway, have a nice holidays (you who have holidays) or enjoy this month (those who haven't), I'll be back as soon as possible!!

-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

7 comentarios:

  1. Awww I like how the feet are so tiny comparing to the size of your head XD plus the intricate pen work is awesome!

  2. Thanks! Still got to improve my pencils a lot, tho xD

  3. hahahahahaahahaha

    fucking love it, mate XDDDD

    keep practising at the beach, bitch (beach bitch :D)

  4. we want Screaming Naked Torsos XDDD

  5. re cool wey! pinche chocolatita es mi pinche mejor amiga de toda la vida y nunca me avisa de sus pinche jams!

  6. If that title is referring to the band...then you have some great musical taste, sir!