miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

old crayons/craynes viejos:3

by amazing
jae hong kim

by Randy Green
hey i got a DD/daily deviation for this one:D

By Ryan Benjamin and inks by Don Ho
this time cut style:)

The Gwaii TPB

hard cover back/front..
itll have lettering and such.. so not much
details near the borders.
by Pedro Delgado.

3 comentarios:

  1. Wow pansh, your style is kickass!! Red Sonja and Hellboy ones kinda reminds me to Edgar Delgado's style, and that rocks! personally, i prefer the gatchaman style, more blended and not so "cellshaded", you know. But still both styles are totally great! Keep it up, bro!

    (Y a ver cuando nos hacemos un pinche collab, loco! xD a ver si me curro algo muy chulo que realmente merezca unos colores tuyos!)

  2. tssss...el trabajo con la nube-oso esta chingonsisima we...y los colores que usaste para la vegetacion bien bien bien...
    como haces ese pinche efecto en el agua? DIMEEEEEEEEE!!!! se ve genial