miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

Hiya, pals!! ElectroCereal here, as every Wednesday!
Since Madrid's Expocomic is just next month, we're starting to show the stuff that we have done for it!
Well, at least part of it ;).
Here is the process for a poster that has been driving KidChaos and me MAD. Seriously, we've changed it a dozen times and still we're not happy with the results xD. But don't be afraid! Our super-awesome fella Nema is going to take the challenge and redraw the poster from the very beginning (i've already seen the sketches and, folks, IT'S GREAT).
Anyway, i'm not sad about me being unnable to complete this stuff (well, only a little ;)) 'cos i've learned a lot of useful things about perspectives and anatomy! (and a lot of "how to make things look COOL" LOL).

Here's the process! We started with a very dynamic and cool sketch of the prince and elika (hey, the new game ROCKS, ok? i love it!)But after a few cleanups and redraws we were not happy with it...so KidChaos tried a new approach to the couple doing something similar to the original game box. (image 2) I tried my own version (image 1) and...EPIC FAIL xD so Pedro redrew his sketch taking mine as the base and overpowered it.
Still didn't like it! Though guys eh? And so i drew another piece, which, of course, sucked a lot and ended fixed for me (Pedro, i know i suck, please don't kill me xDD i've really learned a lot, thank you very much, boss T__T) by the chief.But still it wasn't OK!!! OMFG! So i changed the perspective and after a few sketches, i made a clean lines for the prince. Here they are!!
And well...though we had only elika and some sketchy BG to do...we are still not satisfied with the results (this is one of the "Cursed Prints" of this year xD). So, here comes Nema to the rescue!! He'll save us and the print from being devoured by the "uncoolness" and the mediocrity ROFL. GO GO NEMA!

Take care, fellas!
-ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!!-

5 comentarios:

  1. Marry me, Cereal! Fucking love all the sketches (you won't say you haven't got practise XD)

    keep on it!

    (and marry me)

  2. You worked so hard on this one man!! Some of the sketches are really good. :D

  3. Son unos bosquejos muy buenos, tienen gran lujo de detalles y las expresiones son muy naturales, un gran trabajo.

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