miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

It's GHIBLI time, bitchez!!

ElectroCereal here, fellas!

Expocomic is so SOOOOON! i'm very excited about it! we've got TONS of kickass stuff, lots of new posters and prints, and the awesome Nekro and Medusa will be coming to sign some of their astonishing stuff too!!! You've gotta come, fellas, this is gonna be LEGEN....wait for it...DARY!!! (yeah, i'm a HIMYM fan xD). This week i'm posting some of my stuff for expocomic, a set of classic ghibli's movies' prints! I've done this three and our beloved MorbidCookie has done three more, six awesome movies for you!
First of all, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind!! My favourite Ghibli movie! When i was a kid i watched that movie like a gazillion times. It ROCKS!

Princess Mononoke! This movie is awesome too, my second favourite of all time.

Aaaand, Howl's Moving Castle! One of the latest Ghibli movies, but still rocking hard. That steampunk ambient and the story are great (but the ending is WTF?!?!srsly!! the book is better, anyway ;) )

That's all for now, fellas! Stay tuned!! And feel free to comment, btw, we don't bite anyone, you know!!! xDDD See ya!

- ElectroCereal Blasts Off!!! -

8 comentarios:

    ;___; AMO el de nausicaa y el de mononokeee whythefuckididntgottocolorthoseeee ;_; Me gusta mucho harry potter pero ansss me hace sufrir jajajaja tiene mucho monito XD :DDDDD ojala pedro me deje enseñartelo pronti para que me digas si te gusta n_n

  2. Son la reostia!!! Me encantan los dos ultimos pero mi favorito es el de la Princesa Mononoke!

  3. ;_; it makes me wonder about hot chocolate and clouds...

    keep on it, awesome work, you bitch >: XDD

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